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To Winterize Or Not?

Is your vacant home listed for sale? Winterizing can save your property if something catastrophic should happen. However, I have observed over the years that Winterized homes also tend to present other obstacles from the perspective of a buyer.
1, With the water shut off to the property, sometimes turning the water back on can present leaks that would not have been there if the system was continuously pressurized.
2, Turning your heat off and letting a house freeze in side and out can cause some drywall cracking .
3, A cold house can be a hard house to sell. Taking a buyer through a cold house could be compared to shopping for a new car on a hard Wintery day. Buyers tend to make their best decisions when they are comfortable.
4, A cold empty house with limited maintenance being performed could make a buyer feel like their looking at an abandoned property.
There are several arguments for either direction. Easier time selling a property or limiting expenses and decreasing physical liability with an unused property while it is uninhabited. This decision is one that every buyer must make on their own for what is right for them and their situation. Here’s a list that looks at some of things you can do to Winterize your property. There are a lot of online resources on how do this your self or professionally. A simple Google search should reveal many different options. Obviously contacting a licensed professional contractor to do your Winterizing is a good idea. Their expertise is what what any seller should rely on for this process.

Posted on December 30, 2014 at 1:39 pm by Matt Karjalahti

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